Improving candidate experience

Posted on 07th September 2023, by Alex Bentley

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Every recruitment agency will appreciate the importance of positive candidate experience. It can result in repeat business with candidates returning for their next placement, an increase in business due to candidate recommendations, and positive brand sentiment.

Here are some of the things you should consider when looking at ways to improve your candidates experience.

Clear and concise communication

Clearly outline what the candidate can expect from the recruitment process along with a detailed job description so the candidate knows exactly what they’re applying for. Information of any contracts including responsibilities, tasks and expectations would also be useful candidate information.


Keep the recruitment process seamless and slick at every stage of the journey using automation when available. This is the best way to avoid application fatigue.  This could include pre-populating any forms with information you already hold on the candidate so they can just approve as opposed to completing from scratch. You could send text reminders and use email automation and even scheduling where appropriate.

Invest in onboarding software   

Quite often, the most important thing to a candidate is completing the onboarding process quickly and onboarding software can simplify the process for everyone involved. You can quickly and easily manage the status of your employment and right to work checks making sure that everyone has completed their tasks. It can also be used to keep on top of expiring checks for people already in placements ensuring you are always adhering to all relevant laws and regulations.

Aftercare and feedback

Keep in touch with your candidates after they’ve been placed. You should make sure they are happy in their new role, that it was as expected when sold to them and that they have been treated properly. You can also use it as an opportunity to gain feedback on their experience to identify if there’s anything you can improve upon.

How Tifo can help

Tifo’s innovative user interface can take you one step closer to achieving a positive candidate experience. Candidates remain in control of their own onboarding journey and can access it whenever, wherever they are. A skilled compliance team are on hand to make the process quick and easy, meaning candidates are not only placed on site quicker but they’ve also had a seamless experience getting there.

For information on how Tifo’s onboarding software could save you time, minimise your risk and ensure a market leading candidate experience, contact us on 0800 470 1954 or email