How can Artificial Intelligence help the recruitment industry?

Posted on 04th October 2023, by Alex Bentley

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making headlines at the moment, with the rise in editorial AI tools such as ChatGPT. If you work in recruitment, you may be wondering how AI could help you.

In this article, we explore the benefits of utilising AI technology in the recruitment sector.

Job posting

If you’re currently writing out job listings, manually uploading them to various platforms and then downloading their results and analytics, AI could definitely  lighten your load. Tools such as JayDee only require you to input a few job details and the AI does the rest, generating an attractive advert ready for you to copy and paste into various platforms. AI such as this can now also tell you what wording will resonate better with different candidate demographics and why some job postings have more success than others.


If your client has given you some characteristics or skills they’re looking for then AI can help you pick these out of a CV by scanning the content contained within. This also works vice versa as it can find which jobs are best suited to a candidate based on what it finds out about their location, skills and experience from their CV or job profile. Talentadore is a useful service which can unbiasedly rate CV’s based on their keywords and visual presentation and automatically recommend them for roles it would be the best match for.

Better communications 

AI can be used to make sure your clients always feel connected to your business, even after working hours.

Virtual assistants and chat bots can often deal with problems candidates may have and walk them through application processes without the need for them to speak to an operator. This not only means help can be on hand for your candidates 24/7 but also takes some of the strain off your staff.

Trend predictions

AI can predict future trends and potential upcoming gaps in the job market, making it easier for you to advise candidates on future strategies. A better understanding of the ever-changing job market means an agency is more equipped than others to deal with emerging trends in the industry, because they’ll already know what skills and requirements candidates will need in order to secure their next role.

Candidate experience

As well as utilising the power of AI, its more important than ever that businesses are backed up by software which can help streamline their candidate onboarding experience. This ensures that the candidates you’ve searched for using AI do continue with their application and you can fill roles as quickly as possible. Tifo’s is a great solution in this respect, it allows candidates to remain in control of their own onboarding journey as they can access it whenever, wherever they are.

Our straightforward dashboard and workflow makes the onboarding experience easy to understand and quick to complete. It feels less tedious and encourages candidates to track their journey.

For information on how Tifo’s onboarding software could save you time, minimise your risk and ensure a market leading candidate experience, contact us on 0800 470 1954 or email