About Us

About Us

Tifo is a flexible, modular, back-office support service providing a winning combination of cloud-based software and skilled people.

Our History

We created Tifo when we realised the issues which are being faced by the recruitment industry in placing and maintaining temporary staff, and how we could help.

Our team have considerable experience of delivering compliant employment solutions driven by workflow-orientated automation software.

The Problem

In addition to the challenge of finding and supplying the most suitable candidate to your client, placing the candidate on assignment also requires a comprehensive set of background checks before the candidate can set foot on site, and sometimes during their assignment. From Right to Work to referencing and client-specific checks, the burden on recruitment consultants, sales, support and compliance staff is considerable – and only increasing with the volume of changing or new legislation and the growth of your business.

The Solution

Tifo is an online application for recruitment agencies, to improve efficiency within their own teams by using our software and, if preferred, to pass on part, or all, of that burden to a dedicated team of compliance and contractor specialists.

In addition to collecting documents and references, Tifo gives access to a large number of electronic checking services such as GB Group, ID3global, Experian, Company’s House and DVLA, based on information provided by the contractor – putting the onus on the contractor to complete the required information with validation and feedback at each stage.

Core Principles

  • Efficiently manage the contractor compliance lifecycle so the agency can focus on filling vacancies.
  • Reduce time from assignment confirmation to compliant start.
  • Improved contractor experience via agency-branded mobile-optimised platform.
  • Contractor self-service.
  • Effortless audit and reporting.
  • Centralised dashboard with detailed, customisable reports.
  • Client-specific compliance checks.
  • Fully auditable.