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The easy way to accurately manage timesheets

With Tifo timesheets you can input timesheet information easily and accurately, feel the benefit of a truly flexible system. Contractor activity is logged on the timesheet portal, so time can be accurately recorded and approved by the end-client or agency.

Information can be exported in the right format for easy upload to agency payment processing systems. And if you want to outsource timesheet entry altogether, Tifo can help with that too.

Timesheet functionality

Our platform features adjustable timesheet deadline settings, right down to the assignment level. You can customise permissions by agency job role, and all changes made within the platform are fully auditable.

The Dashboard

The portal dashboard will show the timesheet status for the last period, showing those workers with a status of; no timesheet, un-submitted timesheet, unapproved timesheet, approved timesheet or rejected.

The Timesheet

The portal will allow visibility of all timesheets and the status. Using filters you can search by; date, timesheet status, store/branch, approvers, surname and timesheet actions. This allows you to view or download a PDF of the timesheet.

Other Reports

Export all of the timesheets per workers within a preset timeframe, there is also the option to download an audit history. Bespoke reports can also be written on request and can be agreed during the implementation phase.

Data Importing

The Supplier will provide the option to import Client data, this includes; clients staff, store/branch details and workers details

The Timesheet settings

There are various settings at Client level, including; desired weekending, number of approvers, system reminders to your workers, personalised disclaimers for the worker and the approver, approver limits by value or the option to reassign a timesheet to a different approver, to mention but a few.

Scheduled Jobs

The Supplier will provide reminders for incomplete tasks including; when a workers timesheet deadline has passed, a workers timesheet submission reminder and approver reminders for unapproved timesheets.

Audit tracking

There is reportable audit history on each timesheet showing any status change made by either the submitter or approver, including things like; saved timesheet for weekending, updated timesheet for weekending, submitted timesheet for weekending.


The Clients can use their own domain for the URL if they so wish. They can also apply customised logos and colours throughout the portal and customised logos on outbound emails.

MI Reporting

From the dashboard the graphs will show information such as; the number of submitted timesheets, the average approval time of a timesheet. Bespoke MI reports can be written on request and can be agreed during the implementation phase.


All data is encrypted, back ups and external penetration testing (pre-release and on any future major version releases) are carried out. It also provides internal system security whereby the client can set roles and permission to allow /restrict access to tasks within Tifo.

What it includes

The workers portal

  • Email to each worker providing log on details and instructions from a pre-set email address supplied by the Client
  • Add time worked or any expenses
  • Readable workflow to track progress of each timesheet
  • Option to send ‘notes’ with each timesheet for the end client or the agency to view
  • Option to update personal details during the engagement with the Client

The approver’s portal

  • Email to each approver providing log on details and instructions from a pre-set email address supplied by the Client
  • Approver Dashboard
  • Option to approve, amend or reject a timesheet based on the setting by the Client

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