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Candidate onboarding made simple

Candidate onboarding demands specific agency and client checks, in order to build a compliance profile. With our cloud-based software and integrated ID and background checks, the on-boarding journey follows a simple and visual workflow.

It’s a truly flexible solution – documents can be uploaded by the candidate, by the agency, or you can outsource the whole process to Tifo. The information is verified automatically, or through our skilled team, depending on the nature of the check. Tifo Comply makes managing your compliance obligations easier and quicker than ever before. It’s an auditable, scalable, end-to-end compliance solution that reduces your admin burden – all from one simple dashboard.

Access comprehensive checks

Over 50 different electronic ID and background checks, from passport and driving license to DBS and sanctions, are all integrated into the Tifo system so you can be confident your candidate has got everything in place for even the most complex client.


Collect references electronically. Ask candidates to explain career gaps and complete as many years history as required, all in an exceptionally easy and visual format.


Seamless integration with your CRM helps everyone have the right information to hand and we can integrate with most major providers, or even work with a bespoke system.


Tifo Comply has been built to be as flexible as you need it to be – compliance profiles can be built easily for each client and each requirement can be customised.

Document signing

Sign documents electronically, using the built in facility or integrate with your preferred document signing product.

Encrypted & secure platform

Keeping data secure is fundamental for both you and your customers. The Tifo platform is encrypted at 3 different levels to keep your data safe from even the most persistent of hackers. Access and user controls within the system allow granular control over who has access to what.

Client document/audit packs

Send clients a complete on-boarding audit pack with just one click.

Stay in control

Tifo Comply chases your candidates and their referees so you don’t need to. And because all the documents are collected for you, there’s no need for external emails, spreadsheets or complicated file structures. It provides everything you would expect from a modern, cloud-based system.

Shared dashboard

The consultant, compliance manager, candidate and end client can all log into the same branded portal to complete their actions or approvals.

Individual profiles

Candidates log into the system to complete various requirements based on compliance profiles which you have set up based on end client requirements.

Work list

Each system user can see their individual tasks and those of their team as a whole, giving Managers insight into upcoming actions to ensure they are suitably staffed.

Comprehensive workflow

The simple workflow guides them through the process read for your sign off.

In-depth reporting

Reporting builds on the dashboard, giving you insights into every aspect of the process and team performance.

Audit logs

Every action has an audit log as to who did what and when.

Save time and money

Streamlining your compliance processes will save you time and money.

Outsourcing options

Outsource your compliance process to our dedicated, support team of referencing and vetting professionals: real peace of mind for you and your clients.

Truly flexible

Configure your own bespoke options in addition to our comprehensive suite of compliance checks (supplied upon request).

Self-service principles

It’s a light-touch system; candidates can enter the required information themselves

Free up fee-earning time

With on-boarding under control, your consultants will have more time to do what they do best: match clients and talent.

On-going efficiency

Accelerate client and site clearance for candidates, and create alerts for document expiry dates and renewal requests.

Partnership approach

Every agency is different. We tailor our platform to your business needs; it can adapt and grow as you do.

One-stop solution

Access document verification and identity checking services all in one place, along with database integrations.

Fully auditable

Intuitive, detailed, real-time management information is available at the click of a button.

Smooth integration

It integrates smoothly with your existing software.

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