We make candidate compliance a breeze, so businesses can focus on doing what they do best.

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Bespoke and flexible back office support platform

Our intuitive software and expert support team will streamline your candidate screening and onboarding process.

We assist complex and fast-moving businesses to ensure smooth transitions, even amidst exponential growth – saving you time, minimising your risk and ensuring a market leading candidate experience.

A service tailored to a perfect fit

You can combine any or all of our modules to suit your business.

Tifo Comply

Make managing your compliance obligations easier and quicker with our scalable, end-to-end compliance solution. It’s completely auditable and all managed from one simple dashboard.


Input timesheet information easily and accurately, and feel the benefit of a truly flexible system.

bill and pay

Take away the admin of producing invoices, payroll exports and bank files.

Tifo is the team behind the scenes



Whether it’s integration or adding custom features, contact our in-house team


Built-in logic to ensure that candidates only receive relevant requests to their specific situation and avoiding duplication of tasks.


Designed from the ground up for use on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets, perfect for people on the go.



You can combine our modules to suit your business requirements.


Hosted on the Azure Cloud, 99.95% uptime guaranteed and performance increases when you need it. High level of online security, essential for peace of mind.

Online Application

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, with Tifo you can work wherever you want.

Tifo comply

Make managing your compliance obligations easier and quicker than ever before, with a fully auditable, scalable, end-to-end compliance solution.

Comprehensive checks

Access up to 200 identity and background checks, from Right to Work and DVLA to DBS and sanctions, with external database verification.

Flexible Referencing

Collect references electronically. Ask candidates to explain career gaps and complete as many years’ history as required, all in a fully customisable visual format.

Stay in control

Staff, candidates and clients access only information relevant to them. Ensure compliance through your second-tier suppliers with real-time reporting and audit functions.

Tifo timesheet

Record timesheet information easily and accurately.

Versatile settings

Comprehensive timesheet and client settings, suitable for any combination of requirements, customisable right down to the assignment level.

Import / Export

Import your client data, including staff, contractors, assignments and timesheets, and export timesheets in the right format for payment processing.


Timesheets are submitted and supported by configurable reminder emails and backup approver scheduling.

bill and pay Tifo bill and pay

Bill & Pay collates authorised timesheets from contractors and raises accurate invoices for your client

Payroll exports

Produce payroll exports by pay method, your exports can be collated and sent to your payroll provider.


Customise your invoice and billing settings for fine-tuned control.


Benefit from a large variety of comprehensive reports, including payroll report by payroll provider, gross margin/profit report, banking report and invoice report.

Tifo Comply has halved most of our appointment times.


The brilliant thing about Tifo Comply is that it’s one click to a contractor and all of the compliance documentation is saved in one easy-to-use place.