How to speed up your onboarding process

Posted on 20th May 2023, by Alex Bentley

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As businesses grow and hiring needs increase, one of the challenges faced by recruiters is the need to ensure that all candidates are properly vetted and comply with relevant regulations and laws.

Compliance checks are an essential part of the recruitment process, but they can be time-consuming and labour intensive when done manually. This is where Tifo comes in, providing a powerful platform that automates compliance checks and streamlines the onboarding process. Manual compliance checks involve a significant amount of time and effort, as recruiters have to manually check each candidate’s credentials, including their education, employment history, and any relevant licenses or certifications. This process can take days or even weeks to complete, and it can be challenging to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked.

Experis are one of the leading providers of workforce solutions and professional resourcing, and have been a Tifo client for some years. Prior to using Tifo Experis used manual processes that led to a lot confusion and sometimes information would be hard to find. When referring to life since using Tifo, Sue Cummings-White, Contactor Care Team Manager at Experis said ‘You know exactly where compliance is going to be rather than hidden in email attachments’.

With Tifo, compliance checks can be automated, taking a fraction of the time and effort required for manual checks. The platform automates the verification of candidate information credentials, leveraging integrations with leading identity and background checking providers such as Experian, First Advantage and GB Group, checking against a comprehensive database of verified sources to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date. This ensures that recruitment businesses can be confident in their hiring decisions while saving valuable time and resources.

One of the major benefits of using Tifo for compliance checks is its advanced analytics capabilities. The platform provides detailed reports and analytics that can be used to track compliance check progress, identify any potential issues, and monitor overall compliance with regulations and laws. This helps recruitment businesses to stay on top of their compliance obligations and minimise any potential risks or liabilities.

For recruitment business looking to streamline their onboarding process Tifo is the answer. With its automated compliance checks, advanced analytics capabilities, and other powerful features, Tifo is the perfect partner for any recruitment business looking to stay ahead of the curve whilst maximising their hiring efficiency.

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