Why did Capgemini choose Tifo?

Posted on 2nd July 2021, by Steven Cheeseman, in Case Study

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At Tifo, we’re extremely privileged to be able to be able to work with many different businesses throughout the UK. Our promise is to make managing and engaging contractors and employees lighter work, and less risky, than ever before.

One of those businesses is Capegemini, a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation for over 50 years. Our partnership first began in July 2019 and like many firms that have to deal with some form of on-boarding, Capgemini was dealing with an internally built tool that wasn’t entirely fit for purpose. To fix this, they decided to switch over to our on-boarding software, Tifo Comply.

We caught up with Pauline Hallam, manager of one of Capgemini’s resourcing support teams, to find out what made the business decide to try out Tifo Comply, how they have found it since and what benefits it has had for the company.

Why did Capgemini start looking for on-boarding software?

The solution we had internally was inward-facing and wasn’t outward-facing to the resource. Everything had to be done with the resource coming into Security appointments and then the team had to manually input information into a tool and manually email out reference requests.  Resourcing wanted to move forward with our approach to this process, so wanted something more outward-facing that still gave us the control and security elements needed but made our processing quicker and engaged the resource at the same time in the process. Previous feedback on the old process was the fact that resources were having to attend face-to-face appointments to do every bit of paperwork.

What made Capgemini decide to use Tifo?

When investigating the marketplace and looking at options, including Tifo, we found the market limited. We did have demonstrations from other companies, but the overriding decision came down to cost and the ability to negotiate on this and simple usability. In addition to this was Carla Williams (Head of Tifo); her knowledge and passion to evolve Tifo and get the product right for the customer at the same time was also instrumental in helping us decide to go with Tifo. Carla’s ability to decipher our requirements or offer guidance and other solutions has been phenomenal. When we met Carla, we had ultimate faith that whatever we would be buying from Tifo would be good because she would make sure that it was what we wanted as a customer and that she would deliver it.

What benefits have you experienced since using Tifo?

The benefits for us and for the resources coming through, is less time for them to have to attend appointments, as we continue with the other two phases and see what options are possible that may well reduce the appointments further, which will benefit the team and resources coming on board. I think the whole business is happy that we’re changing the way we’re processing clearances and are hoping this will quicken up clearances timeframes, and help support the business and clients.

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