Why did Harvey Nash choose Tifo?

Posted on 2nd September 2021, by Tom Sweeney, in Case Study

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Developed from direct experience of the recruitment industry, Tifo makes managing and engaging contractors lighter work, and less risky, than ever before.

We recently sat down with Karen Sweeting, Director of Contracts Compliance and Risk at IT recruitment company Harvey Nash, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with since January 2018. Karen has been with Harvey Nash for 20 years, and has plenty of experience dealing with all the ins and outs of recruitment. We talked to her about the company’s decision to choose Tifo, what it’s meant for the business and whether she’s noticed any unexpected benefits.

Making the decision to use Tifo

When Harvey Nash decided to use Tifo Comply, the business hadn’t implemented any kind of on-boarding software. It was a decision that took the firm a few years, but the event that sealed the deal was GDPR and the need to be fully compliant with the new data regulations; in Karen’s words: “We really needed to pull our finger out and get this done because the data is so important.” That led Harvey Nash to seek out a flexible back office software, like Tifo.

It wasn’t a foregone conclusion that Harvey Nash would work with us, of course. Karen explained that the business “actually saw many companies” and although it had an existing relationship with Tifo’s sister company PayStream, “that wasn’t going to sway us; it was all about the products”.

Harvey Nash chose Tifo for a number of reasons. Karen explained: “We felt that Tifo understood the agency experience that we come across on a day-to-day basis, and that they had captured that within their systems.” She also praised Tifo’s interface as being easy to use and as having good visuals.

However, despite all this, Tifo was missing some functionality that Karen and the team at Harvey Nash wanted. This wasn’t an issue though, as Karen said: “The team were able to work with us to evolve it to ensure that it fit our business model.” We made sure that Harvey Nash ended up with the right software for them, even if that required some changes to be made.

Seeing the benefits

So, once Tifo had been installed, what effect did it have on Harvey Nash? Karen observed that it had streamlined things at the firm, slotting into their existing processes and software with no issues.It has also streamlined the company’s on-boarding processes for those clients that have been set up on the platform.

The software has even managed to save Harvey Nash money. This hasn’t happened in the back-office, where Tifo has been implemented, but in the front office. This is down to Harvey Nash’s consultants, who before Tifo were collating information from contractors themselves. Since installing the software, this has stopped.

Karen said: “We estimated there would be quite a saving to the business not having the consultants involved with that process.” Thanks to Tifo, Harvey Nash now has plenty of spare resources with which to grow.

Experts in our field

Despite the benefits Tifo Comply has brought to Harvey Nash, Karen’s highest compliments weren’t directed at the software, but at the team who installed it. From the start, Karen said she felt looked-after. “We felt that Tifo really wanted our experience to be the best,” she added.

We felt that tifo really wanted our experience to be the best

Karen Sweeting, Harvey Nash

This kept on being the case long after Tifo was installed. “It certainly has not been a ‘sorry, we’ve done your bit now and off we go’ situation. The team keep engaged with us, and we maintain a good relationship. They’re happy to assist us if we need it.” She added that the individuals that work at Tifo “really are experts in their field”.

At Tifo, we know our customers can’t be expected to become specialists at using our software on day one, so we’re proud to hear that Karen feels we’ve helped to support Harvey Nash and drive their projects forward. Like all our customers, we want to see Harvey Nash succeed, and we’ll help that to happen whenever we can.

So, if you’re looking for ways to streamline your contractor on-boarding, look no further than Tifo Comply. With our cloud-based software and integrated ID and background checks, the on-boarding journey follows a simple and visual workflow.

It’s a truly flexible solution – documents can be uploaded by the contractor, by the agency, or you can outsource the whole process to Tifo. The information is verified automatically, or through our skilled team, depending on the nature of the check.

Tifo Comply makes managing your compliance obligations easier and quicker than ever before. It’s an auditable, scalable, end-to-end compliance solution that reduces your admin burden – all from one simple dashboard.

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