How Tifo comply can help when Covid gets in the way

Posted on 25th January 2021, by Tom Sweeney, in Case Study

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The COVID pandemic has forced individuals and businesses to find new ways of working and communicating with each other. From the implementation of hybrid working to the rise of the online conference call, everyone has had to adapt in order to keep their business moving forwards.

For companies placing temporary workers obtaining the relevant documentation to get the candidate on site in the old world was as simple as ‘pop in the office with your ID and we’ll get your checks validated and you on site asap’. COVID has meant that companies have had to rely on online methods of communication to obtain this information, but how confident are you that the personal data your contractors are exchanging online is secure?

Is your data secure?

The kinds of documentation needed in order to get someone on site is extremely sensitive. If this kind of information was to end up in the wrong hands, it can cause a lot of people a lot of pain. That’s not to mention the financial and reputational risk for the company found at fault.

The best way a company can negate these risks is by implementing a safe and secure on-boarding platform, such as Tifo Comply.

How Tifo Comply can help

With Tifo Comply, you can rest easy knowing that all of your contractor’s data is encrypted at 3 levels to keep your data safe from even the most persistent of hackers. Gone are the days of sharing information via email or keeping copies of documentation in insecure locations. All actions are completed directly via the online platform with the assistance of a comprehensive workflow so that everyone knows exactly where they are up to and what needs to happen next.

From obtaining copies of the relevant documentation from the candidate, through to the relevant person signing off so the candidate is free to start work. It’s all done via the online platform. And there’s even a complete audit trail including logs, so you know who has done what and when.

There are also over 50 different electronic ID checks available so validation can be achieved at the click of a button. From ID checks, right to work checks, DBS checks right through to credit checks we’ve got it covered for even the most complex of client. And it all means you can get your candidate on site without delay.

You can even set reminders of when certain documentation is due to expire and the platform will send an automated email to the candidate asking for an up to date copy. This is particularly important given the huge civil penalties of up to £20k per worker that can be enforced if you are found to have placed illegal workers. Even if the reason for it is an honest mistake of simply forgetting to obtain an up to date work visa.

Tifo Comply makes managing your compliance obligations easier and quicker than ever before. It’s an auditable, scalable, end-to-end compliance solution that reduces your admin burden – all from one simple dashboard. Make carrying out time consuming compliance checks and chasing down copies of documentation a thing of the past. And make this year all about spending time on tasks that truly add value to your business.

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