Want To Win More Business? It’s Time To Embrace Compliance

Posted on 22nd January 2021, by Kerry Hull, in Industry News

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It’s harder than ever to stand out amongst the businesses that exist within the UK’s ever growing recruitment sector. Compliance, however, can bring you to the top of the pile – especially for recruiters with a contract business.

The most successful recruitment businesses have clear, demonstrable processes for contractor compliance. For them, it’s more than a box-ticking exercise; they know it makes sound commercial sense. Get compliance right, and business will come to you. You’ll build loyalty amongst clients and candidates, differentiating yourself from the competition. No brainer, right?

Here’s how to enhance candidate compliance in your company, and the benefits it will bring to your business.

Put compliance first with your clients

Generally, every client is different and will have their own way of doing things, including their compliance standards. Make it a priority to understand their standards and policies as early as possible, even before they become a client. If you’re able to present and assure candidate compliance to them as part of your recruitment process, your prospective client will appreciate that it’s easier for them to work with you.

Compliance can then become a sales pitch. You’ll stand out from the recruiters whose sole value proposition is ‘finding the right people for the role’. By looking at the bigger picture and mitigating the risk of non-compliances (RTW, Sanctions, Qualifications etc), you’re demonstrating your credibility to be a true recruitment partner.

When pushing this value, talk to the person within the organisation who really understands the bottom line. Finance and recruitment directors, for example, will appreciate what a lack of compliance could cost the company – whether financial or reputational.

Make life easier for candidates

Once you understand the client’s compliance and screening expectations, pass this on to candidates in a format that’s easy to understand – like a portal with a clearly mapped out process or workflow.

A smart candidate journey means they can verify who they are and satisfy the end Client’s compliance requirements– via DBS checks, a driving licence, or whether they have any sanctions – without much hassle. Equally, they can identify any requirements such as insurance.

All parties like assignments to start quickly. Nobody likes to be bogged down in slow checks, and an onboarding platform means you’ll get the placement off to a swift, compliant start. Everyone benefits when the right person for a role can start sooner rather than later.

Compliance tools can also provide real-time management information and transparency .The result? Contractors will come to you first for future placements because they know how straightforward to work with you.

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